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DeputeX Serving Multi Sectors

About Us

DeputeX is an Innovative Mobile Application Platform for all Rural and Urban Community needs. You may hire a human resource/manpower for any duration (hours to days) at any place for any personalised work, obeying law of the land. Besides, You may hire/rent any machinery, tool, or vehicle and buy/ sell any home/industrial products.

Some Iconic Features:
*In-built Bidding feature assists you to get the best market price at all times.
*Voice Note Posting helps to post your requirement in your voice, without typing a single word.
*Contact Lock allows you to limit your contact visibility and ensures high data privacy.

We are committed to thrill you with the best user experience, by keep on enriching the features and functionalities continuously.

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DeputeX Vision

Our Vision

Accessibility to every part of the globe, ensure employment to everyone, and freedom from substitutable tasks.

DeputeX Mission

Our Mission

Concise the world by our virtual presence everywhere, through DeputeX.

Whats X Represents in DeputeX

Brand Name Represents..!

In DeputeX, “X” is a representation of task or person assigned

DeputeX Logo Representation

Brand Logo Represents..!

People icon represents a different set of people in the society. All their search for requirements meets at a crossroads, where DeputeX stands at the centre as a single point of solution.

DeputeX How it Works

Why DeputeX

Some of the Iconic Features of DeputeX.

Depute any Job through DeputeX

Feel the joy of deputing

-Depute any task at any place at any time to any person.
-No service area, service providers, services limitations.

Hourly, Part Time Jobs in DeputeX

Be your own boss

-Assign or take any task as per your availability at any place.
-Task could be hourly part-time or full time for any duration.
-Negotiate the package with the employer/employee directly without any middle man in-between.

Voice Note Feature of DeputeX

Post on Your Voice

-A meticulously crafted interface empowers you to post your requirements in few touches at your own voice, without typing any words.
-This will facilitate both educated and uneducated people to handle the app seamlessly.

Contact Lock Feature of DeputeX

Privacy Lock

-Now you have full control over your privacy, only people allowed by you could view your contact details. Your contact information remains safely intact.

DeputeX an Multilingual App


-Multilingual support empowers user to use app on their own native language.
-Presently our basic interface available in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali, and Punjabi.

DeputeX Bidding to get best Market Price

Best Price in Market

-Bidding makes your best price hunting easy. DeputeX collects competitive quotes from everyone and allows you to choose the best in the market without any hassle.

DeputeX an Hybrid Platform

Hybrid Platform

-It’s a unique platform to find your requirements, job, and even to buy/sell your products at the best market price.
-It has everything from regular day-to-day needs to office/shop requirements.
-Platform to hire/rent any vehicles, machineries, equipment.
-Exclusive platform offers service in almost every field such as Civil Works, Farming, Delivery, Housekeeping, Technicians, etc.

DeputeX App with AI integration

App with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

-Your routine tasks on the app are now being governed by an AI driven self-management system. So, you may stay cool and enjoy using the app.

DeputeX Free Coupon

Free…. Unlimited…. Free….

-Post unlimited free requirements.
-Free Profile posting.
-No registration fee, deposits, etc.
-No Commission/part payment deduction

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DeputeX is an Innovative Mobile Application Platform that allows you to hire a human resource for any task at any location, just like hiring a cab.

-DeputeX offers the freedom to hire people for any task at any place for any duration (hours to Days).
-No Service Sector or Service Area Limitations (available in rural and urban places)
-You may post requirements in your voice using Voice Note Feature, without typing.
-You will get the best market price using Bidding Feature
-You may Hire, Rent, Buy / Sell on a single platform
-No registration fee, deposits, commission/part payment deduction
-Multilingual (available in 11 languages)
-Privacy lock to limit your contact visibility
-Customised to the needs of rural and urban people to bring them all under one roof such as Farming, Civil Works, Delivery Jobs, Housekeeping, Technicians, Office Works, etc.

You may depute any personalised task/work, obeying law of the land.

You may depute works in any sector using DeputeX, across the country.

Yes, you find regular and part-time, hourly jobs using DeputeX. So, you may encash your free time easily.

Yes, you may rent or hire any Machinery or Vehicle in DeputeX.

Yes, you may find people for routine daily jobs. Besides, you may get people for part-time, hourly work across the country.

Yes, Registration and Requirement posting is completely Free. You may post unlimited requirements without any restriction.


"Love the way it has been designed, now i don't have to manage too many apps for each need."
DeputeX Testimonial 1
"I find hourly and part-time jobs here. Even en-route delivery, pick-up and drop jobs are available in this app."
DeputeX Testimonial 2
"I found this app unique one, I could hire people, machinery, tools and other needs of agriculture from a single app."
DeputeX Testimonial 3